The Joy of Farming on Mars

I’ve done a few interviews over the course of the mission and it seems like everyone is pretty interested in what we eat.  The truth is that we don’t eat all that differently from how you might at home.  We have access to fruits, veggies, meat, eggs, and other food; it’s just that they come in a different form than they would at the supermarket.  Eggs are powdered, produce is dry and crunchy, and meat is in diced dry chunks.  Shelf stable food is the same as what you buy at the store – a jar of peanut butter is still a jar of peanut butter on sMars (and anyone that knows me will know I want to eat a great big spoonful of it!  Creamy only please).

Other than an odd craving for cheap store-bought cake, the only foods I’ve really missed are fresh vegetables.  Dehydrated fruits become delicious crispy snacks, but dehydratedvegetables seem to suffer irreparable damage from their fresh counter parts.  To me, they taste bitter and their texture is all wrong.  Corn and green beans rehydrate fairly well, but spinach seems to suffer a permanent loss in appeal after being dried whether you rehydrate it or not.

We’ve grown a far bit of produce during the mission and have even eaten salads with fresh lettuce and cabbage.  Our garden has been in constant use, but with the end of the mission approaching and the weather changing, not everything is faring well.  We’ve lost a few of our plants and shut down some of our growth operations to start the end of mission clean-up.  We’re hoping for one last harvest before the end of the mission, but either way I’ll be making myself a giant fresh salad when I get out of the habitat.


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