Haircuts and Bald Spots

A week's hair growth on my bald spot


This time last week I was pulling loose hairs out of my head and off my shirt.  Stress can cause hair to fall out, but stress testing guarantees it.  One of the studies I participate in is a stress study looking at the cortisol levels in our hair to measure monthly changes in stress during the mission.

Once a month, the crew ambles into the kitchen to receive the strangest matching haircut: one small patch shaved into the back of the head.  The hair is removed and carefully placed in a little foil envelope to be sent to our researcher after the mission.  The bald spot is ours to keep.  Those of us with long hair are lucky enough to be able to cover it, but we also find plenty of loose hair falling out that was accidentally nicked with the electric razor.

I’m not sure it will be trending any time soon, but I can honestly say that this is the most common haircut on sMars.  The rest of the time, I do my best to give my crew mates more proper haircuts.  Without a salon, I have become the default hair dresser.  My specialties now include buzz cuts, fades, mohawks, and hoping desperately that I don’t mess up.  I’ve even tried my hand at hair dying and shaving art into the side of a crew member’s head.  Oddly, I haven’t cut my own hair at all during the mission.  It’s quite a bit longer and a little scragglier than it was before, but the blessing of shoulder length hair is that it all looks pretty much the same to the untrained eye.  It will be satisfying to go to a hair dresser after the mission and chop off my hair, so for now I think I’ll save it.



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