Fresh Food on Mars

Is it really possible to have fresh food on Mars?  Sure!  But you have to do the legwork yourself.  For dinner last night, I made a caprese salad from fresh ingredients, lovingly grown by my crew mate Josh.  Months ago, he planted some cherry tomato plants under our grow lights and they started producing tiny red tomatoes last week.  When the first tomato ripened, he cut it into small pieces so everyone could try.  Let me tell you, a wedge of cherry tomato may fit on the tip of your finger, but can fill your whole mouth with flavor!

Since he was able to harvest a small cup of tomatoes, I wanted to make good use of them in a caprese salad for dinner.  Using a mozzarella recipe from one of our cook books and basil growing in our garden, I made this appetizer as a special treat.  Just drizzle olive oil and balsamic vinegar over the top and enjoy!

A tiny, fruitful harvest
A tiny, fruitful harvest

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