Too Tired to Sleep

Stepping onto the jetbridge, I tensed against a blast of cold air that never came.  I was deplaning for a layover in Honolulu after eleven hours of flying and was surprised to find myself comfortable in the soft humidity of Hawaii.  Trudging up the inclined walkway with my winter coat draped over my arm, I stepped into the terminal and found myself… outside?  Having never been to Hawaii, I wasn’t prepared for the idea that a secured area in an airport could be open to the environment.  I enjoyed a much needed break from flying in an outdoor courtyard before my final local flight to the big island and a short drive to the ranch the crew is staying at during our mission training week.

The morning of my flight, I woke up to four inches of snow in Michigan.  My day ended exactly 24 hours after it started thanks to a long day of traveling and a 5 hour time change.  Despite feeling desperately tired, I couldn’t convince myself to fall asleep.  My brain, believing it was time to wake up for work in Detroit, was in direct conflict with my exhausted body laying in bed in Hawaii.  I eventually managed a handful of fitful hours of sleep before waking up for our first day of training.

But what a place to wake up to!  The tropical air feels soft and comfortable.  The house geckos cruise around the baseboards looking for snacks.  We spent most of the day indoors for our mission training, but seeing the coastline and garden out the windows keeps my spirit high.  A love of learning and a patience for schedules is going to be critical this week, and I can’t wait to keep pushing forward!


8 thoughts on “Too Tired to Sleep”

  1. Met the Senator from our District last night! He’s an ex-aerospace engineer who seems very much interested in following your progress. We all wish you a happy journey…I, personally, miss you! Blog often, dear girl!!!


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