Polar Vortex

Looks like I can start acclimating to Martian conditions before I even leave home!

Temperatures on Mars are quite a bit lower than Earth, thanks to a longer orbiting distance and a thinner atmosphere. While summer temperatures near the Martian equator can reach a comfortable 70deg F, lows can easily exceed minus 100deg F.  I think I’ll stick with a Michigan winter for now.

On simulated Mars (sMars) temperatures are also quite low. The HI-SEAS habitat is built near 8,000ft elevation allowing for cooler temperatures year round.



2 thoughts on “Polar Vortex”

  1. Haha! I imagine Canadians would love to brag on this. Being from the southwest I’ll have to stick with “hotter than Mars” in the summer.


  2. Blech! Better you than me, Ans! Been there, done that, got the medals and came home. Down to -130 in Keflavik, Iceland and up to +140 in Dhahran , Saudi Arabia. 8K feet a sea level?!?! No way, no how! You are made of tougher stuff than this old war horse!


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